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KIR Private Enterprise

KIR Private Enterprise

PE “KIR” (Competence and Rationality) was established in 1993 as a student enterprise. The company works in the field of development of innovative cavitation plants and technologies for energy saving and nature protection by emulsification of petroleum products and production of blended heavy oil, bituminous emulsions, heavy oil emulsion from toxic oil waste, acid tar, oil sludge by proprietary technology. The mission of PE "KIR" is to introduce energy-saving and environmental technologies and innovative cavitation equipment of own development in the world.

We have designed and created innovative cavitation mixers, which are an alternative to very expensive, energy-intensive and cost-effective colloid mills, but common in the world for the reprocessing of toxic petroleum waste into commodity products.

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innovative cavitation mixers

we are manufacturers

implementation of advanced technologies

Ivano-Frankivsk region, Dolynskyi district, vill.




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